BALPA Financial Solutions Ltd

BALPA Financial Solutions Ltd 

BALPA Financial Solutions offer a comprehensive financial planning service for all your investment and protection needs:

Key Advice Areas & Member Benefits

Estate Planning IHT mitigation / Trust Investments
Flight Instruction Fees Insurance 8.5% member discount
Flying Licence Insurance 8.5% member discount
Insurance Income Protection / Life / Unemployment
Investments Enhanced Terms & Fund Discounts
Mortgages Compare Rates / Overseas Mortgages
Online Services Currency Exchange / Conveyancing / ISA’s
Pensions Retirement Options eg. Annuity, Drawdown
Enhanced Terms on SIPPs & Drawdown
Seminars          Pension Drawdown
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 *Applicable BFS negotiated fund discounts are automatically reflected online.

Who may use our services? 

It would be all too easy to say “it’s for the members” but that only tells half the story. As an association BALPA is a group of like minded members united for mutual benefit (both individually and collectively) but perhaps more importantly, for their families. It is the latter that is so often meant but not said!

It should therefore be no surprise that BALPA Financial Solutions Ltd (BFS) was founded in 1987 by BALPA as an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) for the mutual benefit of the association, members and their families, by which we mean; partners/spouse, children and parents.

As an IFA, BFS is not tied to one single provider so you can be confident you are gaining unbiased, impartial advice. We search the whole market to find solutions most suited to your personal requirements, and actively negotiate enhanced terms and or discounts that we pass on directly to you.

We have over 20 years experience of matching solutions to meet the unique needs of Flight Crew.

If you wish to find out more please visit or call us on 020-8476-4000.