Flight Time Limitations


In the UK we have a strict set of flight safety rules which govern how long and how often a pilot can fly before their performance is impaired. The EU is proposing more permissive flight safety rules which would allow pilots to be flying aircraft whilst dangerously fatigued. These rules were not developed using scientific data and could have a grave impact on the safety of UK aviation.

The rules are flawed in many areas but here are 3 examples of just how wrong they are:

• Pilots will be legally allowed to land an aircraft having been awake for 22 hours.

• Pilots will be operating longer haul flights (such as west coast USA) with only 2 crew rather than the current 3

• Pilots could be forced to work up to 7 early starts in a row. Something that is proven to cause dangerous cumulative fatigue.

To learn more about this issue and how you can support our campaign please visit www.keepflyingsafe.co.uk

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