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Pilot Advisory Group (PAG)

Pilot Advisory Group (PAG) - In Times of Need

Here to help

We are here to help any member who has a serious problem or is in any sort of difficulty, whether it be of a professional or personal nature. Our group arose many years ago following an IFALPA recommendation that such groups in every member association would be a huge benefit to pilots worldwide. Since then, we have helped many members who needed to talk to someone who understands our profession; someone whose experience of life and the job can be of help, in a totally confidential environment.

We five members of the Pilot Advisory Group have spent many years as pilots with backgrounds in the RAF, self-improver and Hamble routes, and our experience is across the whole spectrum of this business: long- and short-haul scheduled carriers, charter and general aviation.

365 days a year

We work quietly from home on the telephone and are here for you or any BALPA member whenever you need us: 365/24/7. Sometimes our support takes one phone call, in other situations, our help can last several years.

We do it because we care about pilots and their well-being. We are not presumptuous in thinking that we can tell you what to do, but we can help you to look at the various options that you might have, discuss them with you, and at least help you to make your own choices.
Maybe help is just a phone call away.

In each edition of The Log you will find names and contact numbers for members of the Pilot Advisory Group, but you will probably gloss over them in search for more attention-grabbing articles and you might not really know why we are here and what we can do to help you, either now or maybe at some point in the future.

The Pilot Advisory Group (PAG) produce and Publish articles for our LOG magazine on a regular basis, current articles can be found here:

Pilot Advisory Group:

Talk in Confidence to our Counsellors:

Hayley Brewis - Suffolk
01284 386004

Alf Holmes - Buckinghamshire
01494 563085

Sue Evans - Ross-shire
07952 805311

David Marshall - Leicestershire
01162 302162
call BALPA on: +44(0)20 8476 4000
Email: pilotsadvisorygroup@balpa.org
For 24 hour emergency accident/incident assistance,
please ring: +44(0)20 8476 4099