BALPA is governed by an Annual Delegate Conference (ADC) made up of representatives of the Company Councils and a National Executive Council composed of elected pilots.

The National Executive Council (NEC) is the elected body that is responsible for the association. As well as generating policy and association strategy, the NEC ensures that the organisation is run in an efficient, legal and responsible manner.


Paul Naylor

BALPA Executive Vice-President


Brian Strutton

BALPA General Secretary

BALPA Ex-officio, non-voting

Conor Convey

Membership & Careers Services Sub-Committee Chairman

Leo Nugent

Industrial Relations Sub-Committee Chairman


Tim Pottage

Communications & External Relations Sub-Committee Chairman

British Airways

Rich Pullen

Flight Safety Sub-Committee Chairman

British Airways

John Bell

Industrial Relations Sub-Committee

Bristow Helicopters

Martin Drake

Flight Safety Sub-Committee

British Airways

Andrew Hammond

Organisation Sub-Committee

British Airways

Dane Handley

Communications & External Relations Sub-Committee, and Organisation Sub-Committee

Thomas Cook

Enda Ryan

Industrial Relations Sub-Committee


Hugh Sheils

Membership & Careers Services Sub-Committee


Simon Williams

Communications & External Relations Sub-Committee


Will Isherwood-Smith

Flight Safety Sub-Committee