Benefits and Costs

Over 75% of Britain's pilots, winchmen and flight engineers belong to BALPA. Our membership is currently more than 10,000 and growing each month.

To qualify for full membership you must hold a current Professional Pilot's Licence or flight engineers licence issued by the UK or any of the JAA countries, be engaged in British commercial flying and be based in the UK or employed by a UK company abroad. Alternatively you may be a ground instructor or helicopter winchman employed in British commercial flying. 

For full members, subscriptions are based on your annual pensionable pay on the date of joining and are revised annually to reflect your salary on 1st January each year. First time members benefit from 50% reduction fee in year one, and 25% reduction in year two. First time members only.

Working Pilots
Helicopter Winchman, AEWOs & Ground instructor (Class B membership)
Overseas, Retired, Military, Unemployed and RPAS (Class A associate membership)
Trainee (Associate membership)
RPAS Membership


What our members say

"I was hugely relieved to be a BALPA member in my moment of need. BALPA will always have my gratitude for helping me keep my job, career and reputation"

"BALPA has a team of experts drawn from the pilot community who can provide you with the professional and personal support you will need as your world falls apart. Without the support I’ve received I doubt that I would be back flying again today."

"BALPA is committed to protecting and enhancing the terms and conditions of members. Their approach of ‘professional engagement’ has ensured constructive industrial relations in my company and consistent fair deals for our pilot group."