Aviation Recovery Plan


The UK’s aviation sector became arguably the best and third largest in the world because Governments over decades developed a deliberately supportive and competitive environment with a strong regulator at its heart. It did not happen by accident and will not recover spontaneously either. As the UK Government turned its attention to recovery of the sector, BALPA published an Aviation Recovery Plan to help guide Government.

It covered public confidence in travel, testing, wider industry issues such as pilot licensing and two key topics in the field of sustainability: Sustainable Aviation Fuels / APD plus the non-CO2 effects of aviation and need for a UK contrail avoidance trial.

BALPA's Aviation Recovery Plan can be found here.

 BALPA Position

BALPA presented its Aviation Recovery Plan to the Aviation Minister on 25 January, to support their policy making as travel and domestic restrictions were eased and plans for the way forward were formulated. BALPA called for:  
  - An acknowledgement that border restrictions damage our industry but do little to inhibit the spread of the latest variant 
  - A proportionate approach to future variants with any future rules to be evidence based, simple and consistent 
  - For Government to recognise the importance of aviation and to support our sector as we decarbonise and lead the world in sustainable connectivity.  
BALPA General Secretary, Martin Chalk said:  
“Our Aviation Recovery Plan will help release the brakes on the long-term national recovery so aviation can be the real engine of the country’s global ambitions. We hope this meeting signals greater cooperation between the industry and those in the corridors of power.”  
BALPA Executive President Paul Naylor said:  
“Pilots have a great understanding of not only the challenges facing the aviation industry, but also of the value of UK aviation to our economy. We want the government to use our expertise and listen to industry voices as it shapes the supportive environment for our collective future.” 
Aviation Minister Robert Courts MP said: 
“It was a pleasure to meet BALPA and I thank them for a constructive meeting and for the helpful report. We have stood side by side with the aviation sector throughout COVID-19, and I look forward to working even more closely together in the months and years ahead as we restore UK aviation to its world leading position.”