RPAS Membership

Are you a commercial drone pilot with an interest in the latest regulations, safety issues and industry developments? BALPA is building a community of drone operators interested in sharing resources and networking with others in the industry, with the opportunity to engage with BALPA’s RPAS Working Group (RPASWG). You will have the opportunity to attend events, access BALPA’S RPAS forum, receive tailored newsletters and be at the forefront of a growing community within a professional association.

How does BALPA support RPAS operators and the RPAS industry?

BALPA has developed it’s RPAS Associate membership, to support commercial drone pilots operating in the industry. The increasing use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) is a safety concern for BALPA. Drone technology is here to stay and will have important economic benefits for the UK in the future, but BALPA is committed to ensuring that the right regulations are put in place to keep the public, passengers and pilots safe. The RPAS Work Group (RPASWG), made up of manned-aircraft pilots, technical experts and commercial drone operators continually review technology, support research, assess potential risks, and work with regulators on new legislation to make commercial aviation as safe as possible.


Who is the RPASWG and what do they do?

The BALPA Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Work Group is made up of a group of highly experienced pilots of both manned and unmanned aircraft. The group’s role, as part of BALPA, is to serve the interests of current and future BALPA members, protecting the safety of all current and future airspace users and the promotion of safe drone flying. We work with governments, regulators and drone stakeholders to further those objectives. BALPA wants to ensure that drone aviation continues to grow safely. We also believe that professional drone pilots, who are welcome to join BALPA as associate members, should enjoy the same professional and collective rights and as other pilots. 



If you are interested in becoming an RPAS member, please fill in the application form. Membership costs £24 per annum. We look forward to welcoming you into BALPA.

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