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The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) is the professional association and registered trade union established to represent the interests of all UK pilots.

We represent over 10,000 pilots and are recognised in 20 different companies; that’s over 85% of all commercial pilots flying in the UK. The association holds the largest collective resource of commercial pilot qualification and experience in the UK.

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As the voice of pilots, BALPA actively campaigns to achieve and maintain the best possible working conditions and safety standards for all UK pilots.

We are run by pilots for pilots and have expert staff and resources on hand to provide legal advice and representation, industrial support, to scrutinise and highlight flight safety, provide advice on employment issues and offer personal support.

By joining BALPA you’re joining the UK’s biggest and most active community of fellow pilots, that uses its well established links to ensure your voice is heard by MPs, airlines and regulators.

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Navigating Political Shifts and Seizing Opportunities in Aviation 

12 Jul 2024

From instant reactions and expert analyses to essential insights, it’s been impossible to miss the headlines since the 4th of July: a new Prime Minister, a new government, and a huge political shake-up. Parties across the board are coming to terms with the implications of this changing political landscape. For BALPA, it signifies opportunity. Our […]

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BALPA sends message of solidarity to Aer Lingus pilots

27 Jun 2024

Through our links with IFALPA, BALPA is part of a global family of pilots. Today we are sending messages of support to members in our sister association IALPA (Irish Air Line Pilots’ Association). Showing solidarity BALPA has been informed by IALPA that Aer Lingus pilots served formal notice to Aer Lingus management informing the airline that […]

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BALPA calls on politicians to support its aviation manifesto

17 Jun 2024

The British Airline Pilots’ Association is asking political candidates to signal support for its manifesto for aviation.  BALPA, which represents 10,000 UK pilots, calls for four key policy areas to be addressed by the next Government:  Make the pilot profession more accessible by addressing the extremely high cost of training (up to £130,000) and protecting […]

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ACAS: A Mediator, Not a Magic Bullet

29 May 2024

History:  When it was renamed in the 1970s, the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) wasn’t totally new.  Still, a big change came in 1974 when the service was rebranded as ACAS and decoupled from direct government control with an independent council established to oversee its operation.  The Employment Protection Act of 1976 provided the […]

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Response to Bristow Helicopters question in Parliament

16 May 2024

In response to the oral question to the Aviation Minister Anthony Browne in Parliament today, and his commitment to meet with Bristow (available below), BALPA General Secretary Amy Leversidge said: “We welcome the support from politicians for our striking members. “When Government meets with Bristow we expect Ministers to outline that companies and management with […]

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Bristow Helicopters Dispute Update Statement 16 May 2024

16 May 2024

In response to the latest Bristow Helicopters statement to media, BALPA General Secretary Amy Leversidge said: “We appreciate Bristow Helicopters management finally acknowledging that pilots and tech crews are critical to the success of the company and indicating they want to come back to the table to negotiate with us. “However, they need to accept […]

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Uniting pilots around the world with BALPA’s ‘Tea for Two’

09 May 2024

BALPA held a global event for World Pilots’ Day, on April 26th. With international attendees, and a very British theme, the successful event was held in support of Safety Starts with 2, the campaign opposing Reduced Crew Operations. Being part of BALPA means every single member is part of not only a UK wide pilot […]

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Bristow Helicopters Strike: The BALPA perspective

07 May 2024

Bristow Helicopters Strike Today BALPA has launched industrial action with our helicopter pilots and technical crews employed by Bristow Helicopters in Search and Rescue services and flying workers in the Oil and Gas industry out to the rigs in the North Sea. Dedicated crews These pilots and crew work in some of the most treacherous […]

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