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I am a pilot. We are BALPA.

BALPA is the union and professional association for pilots in the uk. Our members work together to protect the piloting profession and strive to ensure flight safety remains an industry wide priority.

Our community is made up of members, elected pilot representatives and pilot volunteers, managed by a pilot executive, and supported by expert staff members and professional specialists.

As an organisation of highly-trained flight deck professionals, BALPA has unrivalled access to the expertise and experience of its 10,000 members and can truly be regarded as the voice of pilots.

Together we lobby government, negotiate with employers and work with regulators to safeguard jobs and benefits, to ensure piloting remains a rewarding profession and to keep safety at the heart of all we do.

BALPA is the UK’s biggest pilot community. We offer chances to network within that community and provide industrial, legal, employment and personal support to assist members though every stage of their career.


Welcome to BALPA- the voice of UK pilots. BALPA is run by pilots for pilots. Together we tackle the issues that matter to you.

BALPA continues to campaign on behalf of members to maintain and improve flight safety, protect the piloting profession and through our strength and unity support individuals. Every member, at every company in every position is part of that. 

Unity is our strength and BALPA will glue us as individuals together making us stronger and influential with employers, regulators, politicians, aviation stakeholders and the public. Every member can engage and influence and through your elected representatives we will tackle the issues relevant in the modern aviation world. 

I want to welcome you to YOUR website and in these pages, you can find out how to get involved and make a change. BALPA is your union and I urge you to find ways to help make a difference for the collective. It might be a post in the portal or an email to your company council or even speaking directly with a rep. Whatever method you choose please do get involved and shape the future. 

I am not only proud to serve BALPA but it is a great honour to be given the opportunity to be Executive President of your association and I sincerely hope you too will be a proud and active member. 

BALPA, the voice of UK Pilots: Safety, Strength, Unity. 

Paul Copland BALPA Executive President Captain British Airways

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