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Encourage pilots to stay at Ryanair by making it a ‘career airline’ say UK pilots

The UK pilots’ association has urged Ryanair to do more to encourage pilots to stay with the airline, following news of its pilot holiday chaos.

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has offered to help Ryanair make the airline a more attractive place for people to build their career.

The association says it recognises Ryanair has an issue in retaining pilots past the early stages of their career, where, once they’ve gained enough hours, many pilots move on to other airlines.

The Irish Airline Pilots’ Association announced that the airline has lost 700 pilots in the last financial year.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“It seems Ryanair has been just about scraping through the summer schedule and having no flexibility in the system, coupled with a miscalculation of pilot annual leave, has led to this disastrous situation.

“We believe these working conditions are leading to pilots leaving the airline after a few years to go work for other airlines.

“The company needs to be a career airline, where pilots feel valued, not over-stretched.

“We would be happy to work with Ryanair on this issue to ensure it is an airline where pilots are proud to work.

“And indeed, we have around 500 unemployed pilot members looking for work who would be more than happy to work for Ryanair, should working conditions be improved in the airline.”