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Monarch staff given premium rate number to hear redundancy news

The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) has announced its intention to seek compensation on behalf of its members for the ‘shabby’ treatment of staff since the announcement of the company’s insolvency.

The pilots’ association has also revealed that Monarch staff were asked to join a telephone conference if they could not make it in person to meetings where they were to be told they were being made redundant – and the number supplied in an email was a premium rate 0844 number.

The call lasted over an hour and some Monarch pilots have revealed this has cost them almost £40.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“I am shocked to learn that this was a premium rate call and that pilots and other staff have been charged £40 for the privilege of being told they are out of a job. A kick in the teeth when they are already down.

“This is unbelievably cold-hearted and I’m asking the administrators – KPMG – to rectify this by giving each of those staff members affected £100 to reimburse them and as a show of good faith. I think an apology is also in order.

“Since Monday we’ve seen appalling treatment of Monarch staff. Not only were they given no warning of this situation but some have had to shell out their own cash to be told they’ve lost their job.

“BALPA can confirm that we will also be seeking compensation for the shabby way our members were notified of their company’s demise and their own sacking.”

Since Monday, BALPA has lined up potential job opportunities with 22 different airlines and have arranged a ‘Flight Crew Futures’ event to take place on 17th October at Gatwick.

Brian continued:

“Our National Executive Council has issued a message of support to Monarch members and we have assured them that we will work tirelessly to get as many pilots as possible into new jobs as soon as we can, so that their skills aren’t left to go to waste.”