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New measures to tackle the misuse of lasers gain Royal Assent

Following BALPA’s ongoing campaign to tackle laser misuse, we have today received welcome news that the new Laser Misuse (Vehicles) Act has been given Royal Assent.

​This means the new laws will come into force and give police more powers to catch those who shine lasers at aircraft and tougher punishments for those caught.

Brian Strutton, General Secretary, British Airline Pilots’ Association said:

“Pilots have been pushing for tougher punishments and greater police powers around lasers for many years.

“We are very pleased the government has taken up this important issue and has now passed this new legislation which we hope will have a meaningful effect on the number of laser attacks on aircraft and other modes of transport.

“Shining a laser at an aircraft is extremely dangerous and has the potential to cause a crash that could be fatal to not only those on board, but people on the ground too.

“Members of the public should know that by shining a laser at an aircraft, they now face the serious prospect of jail time.”

You can read the full release from the Department for Transport here.