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BALPA responds to Ryanair statement on Irish pilot dispute

Commenting on today’s announcement from Ryanair that they intend to reduce their Dublin based fleet by 20%, BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“Today’s announcement by Ryanair that they are moving work from Dublin to Poland is extremely regrettable. The accompanying job losses could look to Irish pilots and other people like a punishment for participation in strike action. This does not give a good impression and is likely further to inflame the situation when what should be happening is both sides getting around the negotiating table to work out a new collective labour agreement.

“BALPA is recognised for collective bargaining in the UK by Ryanair but we have not yet reached agreement on any industrial matters. We have submitted several proposals, including ones to bring an end to a fragmented pay structure, reduce the number of contract pilots and the acceptance of seniority.  Ryanair has so far failed to accept and of these proposals.”