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How BALPA helps aspiring pilots prepare for selection

by Lizzie Fielder BALPA Executive Assistant

Applying for a job as an airline pilot can be daunting and those aspiring to a career in the profession can find it difficult to know where to begin and what steps to take. But for BALPA nextGen members, there is help at hand. Nine trainee pilots were the lucky winners of a prize draw and attended a highly successful training day with AirlinePrep, the leading airline pilot interview and assessment training provider in Europe earlier this month.

These BALPA nextGen members came to BALPA House to take part in bespoke training which covered CV writing and interview preparation. The training included support with numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, aptitude testing, simulator assessments, group exercises and mock interviews.

The feedback was great, with those taking part telling us they have grown in confidence for the next step. We wish them all the best in applying to airlines and succeeding in interviews!

“Fantastic experience that I could not promote enough. I learnt a huge amount from my interview prep day with AirlinePrep, the group exercises taught me a lot and the day provided me with some great knowledge and the tools to pass an airline interview.” – Dan

“The day was thoroughly worth it, and I will carry many of the learnt skills forward into my airline interviews commencing within the next few months.” – Rob

“A massive thanks to yourself and your colleagues at BALPA for arranging the AirlinePrep training day. The day was incredibly helpful and has certainly improved my confidence going forward with regards to interviews/assessments.” – Nathan

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