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Ryanair pilots take the moral highground

The British Airline Pilots Association today cancelled five further days of strike action in Ryanair. This comes despite the fact that the relationship between Ryanair and its pilots in the UK and elsewhere remains acrimonious. Instead of engaging in negotiations Ryanair has reverted to type, electing to punish pilots by withdrawing their travel benefits.

Despite this, UK pilot representatives consulted striking members yesterday and agreed to suspend any further strikes in order to pave the way for meaningful negotiations under the auspices of the UK conciliation service, ACAS.

Despite a strong turnout for strike action and a high level of commitment among pilots in Ryanair, the pilot representatives took the decision to allow a breathing space in the hope that constructive negotiations could get underway.

BALPA retains the ability to set new strike dates should it be necessary.

Strikes were due to be held on 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th September.