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Assurances needed from Government on airline support and safety during repatriation efforts

Tonight the Government has announced that UK commercial airlines, including BA, easyJet, Virgin, and Jet2 will be assisting in the repatriation effort to bring Brits stranded abroad back home.

However, the British Airline Pilots Association is concerned that no clarity has been given as to the financial support promised or the health and safety of the workers involved in the repatriation.

The Government has said that it will allow Britons to travel home using the airlines at “little or no cost” to the passengers, but there is concern about how this will be financed when UK airlines are already on their knees.

The pilots association would also like to see reassurances given on the PPE that will be provided to airline staff.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“The cost involved in bringing hundreds of thousands of people home will be incredible. Our airlines are already struggling to cope financially and the Government’s promised financial support is yet to materialise. Will the Government be covering the cost of bringing people home or is it expecting the airlines to bear the brunt?

“We also need to ensure that all staff involved in the repatriation efforts are provided with protective equipment – the safety of our colleagues is a key priority. Yet there has been no discussion or consultation with us to provide this assurance.”