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BALPA tells the Transport Select Committee that a strategy for aviation is needed right now

Pilots say they fear the Government still has no strategic plan for how to help aviation through the coronavirus induced crisis, after evidence was given at to the Transport Select Committee today.

The pilots’ union BALPA, says it had hoped to see evidence that the Government is ready to initiate a strategic plan for aviation right now. BALPA says no new details emerged at the evidence session and it appears the Government is dawdling when it comes to support for aviation, with no real understanding of the crisis and an action plan that is too little too late.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, gave evidence at the meeting and demanded a clear, industry wide action plan for aviation, a moratorium on job losses and the fast tracking of support measures for individual airlines.

He also called for immediate action by the Government to ensure airlines are made to honor current agreements and are not allowed to use the situation in a ‘land grab’ to reduce terms and conditions for their staff.

Brian Strutton said: “There was no clear indication that a strategic, industry wide plan is being adopted to see aviation through these difficult times.

“While Government wrings its hands, airlines are exploiting the crisis to make a land grab for jobs and terms and conditions.

“It is wrong and Government should join us in saying so.”