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Pilots call for Government to take control of aviation

Ahead of the Chancellor appearing in the House of Commons this afternoon to talk about support for the aviation sector, pilots union BALPA said the Government now needs to get a grip of what’s happening in this vital sector.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton said:

“We have repeatedly pointed out that the aviation sector has been hit hardest and fastest by the coronavirus crisis and state policies which have restricted international travel.

“It is blindingly obvious that individual airlines will plot a path out of this that only suits their shareholders and that’s why Government needs to step in to ensure the needs of the whole economy are served.

“I hope the Chancellor will back our calls for a moratorium on job losses in airlines while the Government and all stakeholders agree a plan to restart aviation safely and for the benefit of the UK economy. As part of this there needs to be proper short-term financial support for the whole sector which is no more than the Chancellor and the Prime Minister promised.

“Finally, I hope the Chancellor will join me in deploring the opportunistic attacks on workers and their terms and conditions by some airlines.”