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Ryanair pilots vote to accept temporary pay cuts to protect jobs

Pilots union BALPA announced today that its members employed by Ryanair in the UK have voted overwhelmingly to accept temporary pay cuts to save jobs that were under threat.

The vote was 96% to accept the plan.

In May Ryanair had announced that 330 pilot jobs were at risk in the UK including 70 from four potential base closures (Leeds Bradford, Prestwick, Bournemouth and Southend).

Following intensive negotiations between BALPA and Ryanair a package of cost savings was put together. Pilots have agreed to accept a 20% pay reduction in order to save 260 of the jobs that were at risk, with most of the rest linked to the possible base closures which is still to be resolved. We will remain in negotiations with the airline about those jobs and aim to protect those too.

Crucially, we have negotiated to ensure that the pay reductions will be restored to 100% over the next four years.

Brian Strutton, BALPA General Secretary, said “This is a terrible time for aviation and for employees in all airlines.

“It was our members’ mandate for us to save as many jobs as possible. In the circumstances this is the right thing to do even if it means accepting difficult temporary reductions in pay.

“We do not relish accepting pay cuts and this is going to be tough for many of our pilot members. But we are at least pleased to have ensured that the overwhelming number of pilots whose jobs were at risk will continue to be employed.”