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BALPA: The help you need in a time of crisis

by Wendy Pursey

As Head of BALPA’s Membership and Career Services, I have seen many ups and downs in the job market for pilots. This year, COVID-19 has presented aviation with unique challenges. I have seen up close the impact it has had on the pilot community and know the challenges will continue for some time.

But BALPA is here for you. From day one we have been offering guidance and support. We have rolled out a programme which harnesses our expertise and resources to help you though this downturn and to ensure you have all the tools you need to get through this difficult time.

As well as expanding our careers support materials, in April we launched our Redundancy Assistance Group (RAG) to create targeted support for those who face losing their job.

Wide ranging support

Our support materials are available in a range of formats, from our regular RAG newsletters and job vacancy board, to our Webinar Series and online guides that can be found in the Careers Area of the BALPA website.

We are very aware that the crisis is affecting the whole pilot community with changes to jobs, furlough and redundancy, all issues you are facing.  With redundancy affecting our members at various stages in their careers, we have developed materials that will cover all bases.

If it has been 10+ years since you have last had to write a CV and go for a job interview, we have resources for you to prepare yourself.

If you are completely daunted by the idea of setting up a LinkedIn profile or doing an interview over a video call, we are here to help.

If you are thinking of taking some time out to pursue higher education, we have resources to help you explore options for studying part-time and importantly information on how to access student finance to make it possible.

We also have guides for those trying to find flying work overseas or temporary work in other industries.


We have teamed up with experts in fields from employment to finance and health to create bespoke webinars for the pilot community. Many of these are also available online for those who were unable to attend. Some titles include:

‘Transition to Teach’ ‘Money and Pension Service’
‘Managing Debt with StepChange’ ‘Video interview preparation and overview’
‘Creating a Resilient Mindset’ ‘Approaching Higher Education’


Coming up in December we also have:

Are you a reluctant Entrepreneur?
Thursday 10th December 11am
Considering a Change?
Becoming a Financial Adviser

Friday 18th December 11am


BALPA Sim Project

For most of you, your priority will be getting back in the cockpit as soon as possible and remaining current in the meantime.  BALPA has launched a unique project to help with this.  After contacting all European Sim Facilities we have details of their BALPA discounts available to you and have put together a register of TRI/TRE/Trainers from within the BALPA membership that have offered their services to you either at cost or at a reduced fee.

This is a unique project with the register full of your fellow pilot members bursting to support you. Details of all the support available can be found on the careers area of our website.

These are difficult times, but please remember that you are not alone, and BALPA is here to support you.

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