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Talk of a British vaccine passport to rescue this year’s holidays is great news, but a global scheme would be even better

The Times is today reporting that the British Government is working towards a ‘vaccine passport’ which could open up international travel to those who have had the jab, with Greece specifically mentioned as a country likely to open up to these travellers.

This is an excellent sign that Britain’s apparent vaccine success could rescue this year’s holiday season and allow people to get away.

Brian Strutton, BALPA General Secretary, said, “We know the vaccine is our way out of this pandemic, but it may also be out way out of the crisis for our travel sector. People are desperate to get travelling again, and if a vaccine passport is what is needed, then we fully support it.

“What would be better still is a globally-recognised vaccine passport. Many actors are working on their own version but we need a global solution to this global problem.

“In any case, we hope the British vaccine passport will be ready to go soon so people can start booking with confidence and looking forward to jetting away on their holiday once again.”