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BALPA welcomes Welsh Government’s backing of aviation sector

Yesterday it was announced that the Welsh Government was providing a grant of £42.6m to Cardiff Airport and forgiving a further £42.6m of debt in recognition of the importance of the capital city’s airport and the air transport industry to the country.

Brian Strutton, BALPA General Secretary, said “I welcome this action from the Welsh Government and its recognition of the importance of Cardiff Airport to the Welsh economy and the country’s future.

“I recently wrote to the First Ministers of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland encouraging them to support their vital aviation industries and I am pleased that the Welsh Government is indeed doing so to such a significant extent.

“I only wish we had a similar level of commitment from the Westminster and other UK governments.

“The Chancellor’s statement yesterday was an opportunity for him to acknowledge the crisis in UK aviation and provide desperately needed support, yet he said not one single word about this vital industry.

“Governments across Europe and around the world have recognised that aviation has been severely hit as a result of policies to deal with the pandemic and have provided significant sector-specific support. Why is the UK Government so keen on letting our own aviation sector sink?”