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Scrapping pre-departure tests welcome but UK aviation needs its own booster

Responding to the removal of pre-departure tests for international arrivals, BALPA General Secretary Martin Chalk said:

“Anyone who recognises that the restrictions had absolutely no effect on omicron spread welcomes the removal of pre-departure tests. But aviation will be far from back to normal once this takes effect, with large numbers of flights still being cancelled through Winter and public confidence in travel still low.

“Our vaccine programme has been hugely successful. UK aviation now needs its own booster to ensure we can safely be fully up to speed to once again carry the flag around the globe.

“Government support in the form of an Aviation Recovery Plan is now essential to allow the UK to once again return to the competitive and strong position it was in before Covid. Look no further than the fact that Gatwick Airport was the worst affected airport in Europe for most of the last 20 months.”