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BALPA expresses frustration at lack of progress in industrial relations with Jet2, particularly on rostering

Progressing and advancing industrial relations into a meaningful process remains a frustration for BALPA at Jet2, even after further offers of providing BALPA’s expertise to help the company develop its rostering practices.

Last year, ACAS were invited to try and break the deadlock, but Jet2 remained impassive to BALPA’s involvement in this area despite a call for improvements from BALPA’s members.

National Officer, Terry Brandon said,

“Jet2 continues to repeat history by being obstinate in its approach to industrial relations, whilst our members call for improvements to the way their working hours are rostered for duty.

“We are completely baffled by Jet2’s lack of positive and meaningful engagement when we are considered social partners with most, if not all, other airlines in the UK.

“Each year the company comes up with a ‘Lifestyle’ initiative without proper trade union consultation and we know that it could be significantly improved upon if Jet2 would work in partnership with BALPA’s own experts. Yes, an airline requires dedicated and flexible pilots, but they also require proper collective agreements to support them especially with a busy summer season ahead when everyone will be working to the maximum.

BALPA stands ready to engage with the company to create positive and meaningful industrial relations on all aspects of flying the line. We have the company’s and our members’ best interests at heart and, in advance of calling on ACAS to intervene yet again, the pilots’ union asks Jet2 for greater cooperation.”