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BALPA NEC thanks Martin Chalk for his service as he begins retirement and announces Interim General Secretary

BALPA Executive President, Paul Naylor has expressed thanks to Martin Chalk, who has begun his retirement. Captain Naylor also welcomed Miranda Rackley to the role of Interim General Secretary. 

During the last two years in his role as General Secretary, Martin Chalk has successfully reconnected the Association with its international, national and industry colleagues, raised its media profile and overseen the challenges of both the office move and numerous staff changes.

Captain Naylor said: “The NEC wishes Martin the very best in his retirement, and thanks him for his enduring efforts on behalf of the members of BALPA, the ECA and IFALPA over the course of his career.”

Captain Naylor also welcomed Miranda Rackley to the Interim General Secretary role, which she will adopt alongside her Legal Department Manager duties.

Paul Naylor said: “Miranda is the consummate professional with a strong work ethic and excellent organizational skills. The NEC is encouraged by her positive attitude towards looking after BALPA’s affairs whilst the recruitment process for a permanent General Secretary is undertaken.”