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BALPA welcomes announcement by British Airways that it is starting a new pilot training scheme

BALPA has welcomed British Airways fully funded pilot training scheme, allowing aspiring pilots the chance to become a pilot without requiring the extremely high course costs.

Training costs can climb to over £120,000, severely limiting the socio-economic diversity of those entering the profession.

The scheme will help break down the barriers to the career, which have grown steadily over the last several decades.

BALPA’s Head of Careers and Membership Services, Wendy Pursey said:

We are pleased to witness British Airways’ commitment to nurturing aspiring pilots right from the inception of their careers. Through the provision of a fully funded cadet scheme, the airline fosters the expansion of the talent pool, reaching beyond individuals solely reliant on personal financial means. This initiative serves to enhance diversity within an industry that has historically operated within a more confined sphere.

BALPA wishes all applicants the best of luck and looks forward to welcoming the new generation of pilots into their union.”


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