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Response to Bristow Helicopters question in Parliament

by Amy Leversidge BALPA General Secretary

In response to the oral question to the Aviation Minister Anthony Browne in Parliament today, and his commitment to meet with Bristow (available below), BALPA General Secretary Amy Leversidge said:

“We welcome the support from politicians for our striking members.

“When Government meets with Bristow we expect Ministers to outline that companies and management with contracts funded by the taxpayer, should treat their loyal, highly trained staff with respect, and pay them a fair wage.

“We have made it clear that this dispute can be resolved easily through negotiations and we will enter into talks with Bristow Helicopters at any time if they can put forward a fair offer, that does not rely on a reduction in terms and conditions.

“We want to find a solution to this dispute and for our experienced and talented pilots and tech crews to be properly valued for the job they do.”