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BALPA calls on politicians to support its aviation manifesto

by Amy Leversidge General Secretary

The British Airline Pilots’ Association is asking political candidates to signal support for its manifesto for aviation. 

BALPA, which represents 10,000 UK pilots, calls for four key policy areas to be addressed by the next Government: 

  1. Make the pilot profession more accessible by addressing the extremely high cost of training (up to £130,000) and protecting self-funding cadets’ training costs
  2. Protect pilot pensions to ensure pensions saved over decades of work are protected
  3. Fuel up pilots’ employment rights to end to the nasty industrial practices seen in recent years, primarily as fire and re-hire, as well as anti-union legislation being repealed and atypical employment being used to undermine terms and conditions
  4. Accelerate airlines’ flight path to Jet Zero and Sustainability so that aviation accelerates its progress towards Jet Zero and decarbonisation

 Addressing these points will ensure that airlines and the wider industry continue making progress on important issues like accessibility and sustainability. 

Read the full manifesto here. 

 General Secretary Amy Leversidge said: 

With 60% of electoral constituencies having over 500 residents employed by aviation, candidates – especially those near airports – should take note of BALPA’s asks of the next Government.” 

“BALPA looks forward to working with the next Government to deliver these key policies that will enable our aviation industry to continue thriving, employing highly skilled workers on fair terms and connect our airlines with the world.