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London, England (Hybrid)
£30,000 - 35,000 per year Full time
Posted 1 year ago

BALPA are looking for an enthusiastic Tea and Coffee Executive to fuel our friendly team in our London office, based near Heathrow Airport. This is a hybrid role, with a mix of office-based work and work from home (no, we’re not entirely sure on logistics either).

As an experienced Tea & Coffee Executive, you will be required to make a bangin’ cuppaaaaaa….erat at metus fusce et lorem risus pellentesque pulvinar nec. Risus, volutpat ut augue aliquet duis faucibus odio. Orci neque vitae, ac id cursus vitae etiam blandit. Leo nibh id eu ipsum cursus porttitor enim fusce. Tellus ullamcorper viverra sed ullamcorper viverra ornare aliquet. Dictumst neque, pellentesque nisi, massa orci.

Adipiscing non, diam ac in ipsum ornare. Fames sagittis ullamcorper sed sit non facilisis dolor. Morbi tincidunt vitae diam neque, semper faucibus blandit. Libero mauris neque nisl, convallis ornare felis. Faucibus velit pellentesque semper nullam urna. Faucibus sed non, massa dui. Viverra sed urna auctor sagittis. Facilisis dictum iaculis dictumst elit etiam euismod. Neque augue sit lacinia urna porta aliquam morbi. If you’ve read through all that, congratulations, you got the job.


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Qualifications & Experience

  • 45 years in a similar role
  • Masters in Tea & Coffee Making
  • GCSE Maths
  • Driving Licence
  • Ballet experience
  • JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, SQL, Python, Ruby, C++, Java, BASIC
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