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08 Jul 2021

BALPA response to updated travel rules

BALPA responds to today's update to international travel rules

06 Jul 2021

Aviation – the only industry to remain in lockdown – is starting its nosedive into another bleak winter

24 Jun 2021

BALPA response to Green List announcement

23 Jun 2021

Pilots declare ‘Mayday’ for UK travel and call on politicians across the UK to ‘MAKE OR BREAK’ summer


UK air travel the hardest hit in Europe, say UK pilots ahead of Travel Day Of Action

20 Jun 2021

BALPA responds to reports that no further countries are to be added to the green list for travel

03 Jun 2021

Public understandably confused by traffic light system for international travel, but we had hoped at least Ministers would understand it

19 May 2021

Pilots are raring to go as summer travel takes off

17 May 2021

BALPA calls for clarity and confidence amidst confusion and lack of international co-ordination

14 May 2021

Sturgeon’s wrong to say there must be a ‘good reason for adding a country to the Green List.’ BALPA says there needs to be a good reason for keeping it off

11 May 2021

Excessive caution on Green List will hold back travel recovery yet again

07 May 2021