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Pilots renew calls for swift decisions to protect UK aviation industry

Pilots say politicians need to take urgent measures to ensure the UK aviation is able to compete with its rivals globally.  The calls for politicians to step up decision making come as we approach the anniversary of the UK voting to leave the European Union.

At the same time British pilots say the failure of any UK airlines to be placed in the top 30 carriers at the world airline awards shows how stiff competition is from abroad. The British Airline Pilots’ Association is calling for action to be taken now to protect the UK’s £52 billion pound aviation industry which could suffer as a result of a poorly-planned Brexit strategy.

Pilots warn that passengers already looking to book flights for 2018 may be put off by uncertainly about restrictions they may face post Brexit.

Pilots want reassurance that airlines will be able to continue to connect passengers with EU countries without the need to shift operations outside of the UK.

If the uncertainty continues, BALPA warns that British airlines might seek to set up bases within the EU and therefore the UK market could lose significant value.

The association is also concerned that Heathrow, currently the aviation hub and busiest airport in Europe, could lose out to Paris or Amsterdam if passengers aren’t reassured.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton, said:

“Aviation brings £52 billion pounds a year in to the UK economy so we need to make sure it’s a priority for politicians.

“We want to see aviation in the UK thrive, and that means making decisions now so that passengers don’t lose confidence and turn to our European and global competitors.”