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New agreement paves way for union recognition in a new UK SAS base

CAE, BALPA and Unite the Union have jointly signed an agreement paving the way for union recognition in a new UK SAS base.

SAS, the Scandinavian airline, through its Irish subsidiary, is opening an air crew base at Heathrow airport.  All employees will be employed by CAE crewing Ltd, a Parc Aviation Limited company.

BALPA representing pilots, and Unite representing cabin crew, have been working positively with CAE for some months to pave the way for an enabling agreement which has now been signed by all three organisations.

The enabling agreement includes:

CAE recognises the right of employees to join a union if they wish to do so, and to collective bargaining.

CAE recognises that a trade union capable of representing its members with authority and responsibility is beneficial to the maintenance of good industrial relations.

An agreement that both BALPA and Unite will be open to recruit the relevant CAE employees to their respective unions.

That, should the resultant members seek formal recognition, that this will be agreed voluntarily and expeditiously.

That, although based in Ireland, CAE will abide by all legislation, taxation and social security rules applicable in the UK to crew based in the UK.

On behalf of both unions Terry Brandon, National Officer from BALPA and Oliver Richardson, National Officer from Unite said: “We welcome the positive approach CAE Parc have taken to working with BALPA and Unite in the formation of this new SAS base. We hope to continue this forward and ensure that pilots and cabin crew working for CAE and SAS are properly represented.

“We have high expectations that CAE Parc will be a good employer and look forward to working together to make a success of this new venture which will provide new and exciting opportunities for pilots and cabin crew alike.”