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Pilots wary of aviation double whammy from ministers today

BALPA has expressed concern that statements expected today from the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Transport could be a double whammy of bad news bringing further misery to the aviation sector.

Any reduction in the JRS scheme by the Chancellor or any restrictions placed on airlines trying to restart would be terrible news for the industry which has largely been grounded by coronavirus.

BALPA has repeatedly called for the Government to work with the industry but to no avail. The Government seems to have its head stuck in the sand when it comes to UK aviation. It has failed to provide the support so urgently needed to help see this important driver of the economy through this crisis and has refused to pull together a strategic plan for aviation.

This is not about bailouts for failing companies. This is about supporting an industry that is suffering through no fault of its own.

BALPA wrote last week to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (click here to read that letter) to seek financial support and Airlines U.K. wrote to the Prime Minister about imposed restrictions.

BALPA General Secretary, Brian Strutton said:

“Tens of thousands of aviation workers have been furloughed and rely on the JRS scheme to pay their bills and feed their families. If JRS levels are reduced it will be a bitter blow to those who have already seen their income reduced by 70%

“Airlines are running out of cash and if restrictions are placed on their ability to return to flying then the Government is plunging aviation further into a death spiral.

“Airlines, airports and workers are all saying the same – the Government has got to start helping aviation not destroying it.”