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Government action has shut down aviation and it must receive support immediately 

Government policies on borders, quarantine, testing and lockdown, followed by today’s statement from the Transport Secretary, that people should not book any holidays, means the aviation industry is essentially shut down.

It has been clear for months that this is simply unsustainable. The industry cannot survive through never-ending uncertainty and ever-changing restrictions. The Government must now recognise that it has shut down the sector and take appropriate action as it has for other shut down sectors such as hospitality.

Brian Strutton said, “Airlines are drowning, but rather than throwing us a life raft, the Transport Secretary has just thrown a bucket of cold water at us.

“We accept that the Government has to make difficult decisions in the interests of public health and to end the pandemic. But if the effect of Government action is to shut down this whole sector then it stands to reason the Government must compensate for lost business. The UK aviation sector cannot survive another summer with hardly any flying.

“The Government’s actions have shut down this industry. If it wants our successful airline industry to survive and power our post-Covid recovery, it must provide economic support immediately.”