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BALPA response to updated travel rules 5 August

Responding to the updated travel lists, Acting General Secretary Martin Chalk said:

“Adding destinations to the green list is a welcome step but passengers can clearly see how small the green list is and how limited options are for international travel.

“UK bookings compared to those in Europe are dismal and key markets remain shut, despite ironically named ‘taskforces’, demonstrating that aviation remains the only industry still effectively in lockdown.

“The profitable summer season is almost gone, and without an extension of furlough, the aviation workforce including pilots are being asked to shoulder the responsibility of Government incoherence and inaction.

“We are in negotiations with airlines to prevent job losses and being asked to support our airlines through radical additional cuts to terms and conditions because furlough is coming to an end. BALPA continues to demand a sector specific extension to the furlough scheme.”