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A look ahead to 2022

by Martin Chalk BALPA General Secretary

As I look forward to what 2022 may have in store for BALPA, I’ve found myself thinking about the new opportunities, new ideas and new ways of thinking the new year presents. In fact, the word NEW seems to crop up time and again.

Late last year BALPA elected a NEW NEC. I was also elected as the NEW General Secretary. Early this year BALPA will move to a NEW office building and we face NEW challenges as the world wakes up from the COVID-19 nightmare.

Time and again BALPA and the pilot community have proved we can adapt well to what is NEW. Pilots are used to working at the cutting edge of human factors and technology and with COVID-19 grounding aircraft and restrictions meaning we can no longer meet face to face in the same way, we have all adapted and become proficient in new ways of living, communicating and working.

As we progress though 2022 there will undoubtedly be more new challenges, but BALPA is ready. We are looking at what the future of aviation will be, how we can adapt and how we can ensure our industry not only survives but thrives in the new world.

The new year begins with a new lobbying campaign.

This year will bring new scrutiny of airline recovery plans, new negotiations, new collaboration and new ways of working and communicating.

But as we embrace the new, we must not forget our roots. From its very creation, BALPA has always been a community of pilots working for pilots. As we move forward, this will remain at the heart of all we do.  We will remember the fundamentals – unity, density of membership and participatory membership. We still need to do the fundamentals well – and doing them well has achieved great results, even in the toughest of years.

So, as we move forward, let me wish you a very happy 2022 from your pilot community.